The answers to all of your questions!

We know trainers have questions about their Poke-ventures, so we have answers. More questions? Just ask 🙂

Who the heck are y'all?

We are a passionate bunch of Pokemon hunters, with a lot of experience in the travel industry. We travel a ton, so we were lucky to be playing GO all around the country in the first days of its launch. We wanted to bring Poke-style adventures, and our signature BIG experiences, to the masses 🙂 You can learn more about us on our About page.

What's with the name?

Big ass is our promise to you that the experience will be larger than life. We’ve always wanted to branch off into 20something travel. We plan all of the trips we take with friends, and they became a bit legendary. We came across an article with these MASSIVE AirBnB rentals that fit like 50 people. It dawned on us, what if we created these great trips for a ton of likeminded 20somethings where we explore a cool destination, stay in a palatial home, soak up the culture of the place, and leave with a batch of terrific memories.

What makes these trips so special? Can't I just travel and hunt on my own?

Of course you could, you’re certainly smart enough 🙂 That being said, we have a ton of experience creating these sublime…well…experiences. We know how to bring a ton of strangers together, and have them leave better than they were when they came. How? That’s our secret sauce, but it has a lot to do with appreciating the culture of a place, the beautiful differences between people, and the power of community. Also, hunting for Pokemon with hundreds of people instead of a few is quite the experience.

What's included in my Poke-venture?

Everything listed on the destination page. Also, hotel for each night of the trip, and a Big Ass guide that’ll keep everyone hyped, happy, and safe. Some food here and there will be sprinkled in, but plan on meals being your own deal.

We wanted to balance cost/time/activity well, so we include a few elements on each trip. We focus on 3 primary/badass activities that show-off the destination, exploring in 3 different sections/neighborhoods of the place, 2 ruinous Poke-themed bar crawls (some drinks/small bites included), an IRL (in real life) Poke-hunting game, an epic final team battle for the ages, and a bunch of other fun Poke-related activities.

How do I get to the destination?

Fly, drive, hitch-hike 🙂 Some trips we’ll have a bus going from certain neighboring states (i.e. AZ to Vegas). In those cases, do it! It makes the experience even cooler.

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other people going on your trip, so you can all book the same flight and have a Pre-Poke Party of your own!

How do we get around at the destination?

Uber! Taxis! Public transportation! Jet pack! Trust us when we say, as cool as a big bus would be, it would add way too much cost.

Instead, all hunters will share Ubers, hoof it, or whatever else they choose on their own dime. We’ll meet at each event at designated times.

Will anyone from Big Ass be on-the-ground with us?

You betcha there will be. Your Big Ass Guide will be someone who digs Pokemon, isn’t obnoxiously cheerleader-ish, knows how to travel well, and gets along well with others.

They’ll be your go-to person on the trip, and hopefully one of your bestest friends by the end.

Can I pick and choose what I want to purchase within the packages?

Negative :/ think of this experience like a fancy restaurant where they don’t allow you to make substitutions, ask for salt or ketchup, or request french fries. Trust that we curated these trips very intentionally, and that you’ll be opening yourself to new experiences, with new people.

Who's allowed to come?

Anyone over the age of 21!

What's the general vibe of these trips?

Not fratty. It’s important that you know that. Think foodies, geeks, book lovers, explorers, world shakers, and other awesome people who you’d love to have a great conversation with over a beer.

Are there rules on the trips?

Be excellent to each other. That’s about it. Oh, and don’t be a jerk or a squeaky wheel. Keep in mind this is a fun project for us, and while it’s in our blood to be unbelievably kind/helpful to people…we also are in this to have fun too…so don’t push it muchacho 🙂

How do I pay for my trip?

Check your destination for the price of your trip, based on the rooming category you’ll be in (i.e. single, double, triple, quad). Head to the Poke-Payments page and send us the correct amount. Eazy-Peezy.

Are there any refunds or substitutions?

Unfortunately no, as soon as we give us money we’ll be spending it on making your trip awesome.

The good news is that you can substitute someone in your place up to 72 hours before the trip! This is only allowed if your roommates (whether they be random or your own friends) approve.

We wouldn’t want them ending up having to pay more if you bounce, and that moves them into a more expensive room occupancy category, right? 🙂

Do you offer trip insurance?

We don’t at the moment, but we’re working on getting that option. Trip insurance is a little tricky from the business side, and you have to have a whole heap of requirements before they let you offer it.

Rest assured though, we have a reputation we’ve worked hard to build in the travel industry at large, and we’re not keen on ruining that, or our friendship with you.

What's the deal with the quad, triple, double, and single prices?

Single = one to a room, Double = two to a room, Triple = three to a room, Quad = four to a room.

When you pay for your trip, you’ll self-select your room occupancy. It’s important to note that you have to pay for the occupancy you can guarantee. What does that mean?

It means that if you have a friend that’s registering with you, and wants to share a room with you, sweet! Register and pay as “Double Occupancy”.

Flying solo, but want to find someone to share a room with? Pay as “Single Occupancy”, then take to our Facebook event pages and try to find a roomie or two.

  • If you end up with roommates we will refund you the extra you paid.
  • If you end up without roommates, and registered/paid based on having them, we will bill you for the extra you owe. 

Any perks for bringing a lot of my friends or recruiting people?

Most definitely! If you want to recruit a bunch of people, we got some goodies for you. If you have over 10 in your group, we got some goodies for you too! Email us and we’ll chat about it.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of people for each trip?

Indeed. The minimum is 25 people. The maximum is 300 people.

What if I register for a trip that doesn’t meet the minimum? We will let you know and refund your whole trip fee. This is why we strongly recommend you buy airfare through Southwest (you’ll get a credit for canceled reservations).

What if a trip sells out? We will add more trips 🙂

Will there be more Poke-venture trips?!

If they are a hit, we’ll definitely keep adding more! And we’re pretty sure people will have fun 🙂

What if I wanna go somewhere not listed?

Let us know! We are excited to add a bunch of destinations. I mean, to be honest, we want to travel the entire world hunting for Pokemon. If you’ll join us, then we’ll make it happen.

What kind of other trips does Big Ass do?

We do a bunch 🙂 mostly giant awesome trips with awesome people staying in big ‘ol palatial mansions at radical destinations. We also do other themed trips revolving around other geeky-awesome stuff, sports, and a ton more. Stay tuned for more 🙂