Our Story

It’s a most excellent tale of fate, and Pokemon.

The Beginning

Pokemon was huge in Japan. Our founder Jake’s Grandma had the hookup from her job at a gift store, and blessed her Grandkids with these weirdly awesome pocket monster cards in Japanese.

The Entrepreneur is Born

Pokemon became the hottest card in town. Jake had an impressive collection of cards, and even competed in tournaments at local Toys R’ Us stores. He began building a neighborhood tournament of his own, that would offer PB&Js as prizes. It never happened, but the seed was planted.

Graduated and Unemployable

After two weeks in the corporate world, Jake decided to start a student travel company. This was the birth of www.exptrips.com.

Peak Travel XP

After growing up in Germany as a toddler, planning countless legendary adventures for friends, traipsing through the South of China as a confused graduate, finding love in Turkey, bouncing about the Caribbean, and finding appreciation in North (yes, the upper one) Korea…

Jake had reached peak travel XP.

Putting It All Together...Time For Fun

Jake began dreaming of a new company that would allow him to bring his experience in the travel industry, and planning glorious experiences, to people his own age. For he loves working with students and teachers, but he also loves a good adult adventure.

He stumbled upon an article listing massive palatial AirBnB rentals, and began to craft an idea around getting tons of likeminded 20/30somethings to one place for a big dose of culture, excitement, and camaraderie.

Pokemon GO is launched, and Jake thought…now is the time. Launch early, launch ugly, launch now. And here we are 🙂